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FEMCO HL-55/1250

  • FEMCO HL-55/1250
  • FEMCO HL-55/1250 CNC


Max. Turning Length

Max. Swing Over Bed

Max. Turning Diameter

Distance between Centers


Spindle Speed
2500 rpm

Spindle Nose

Hole Through Spindle

Bar Capacity

Chuck Diameter Standard

Spindle Power
30/35 HP 2 Speed ZF Gearbox


Number of Stations

Turning Tool O.D. /I.D.


X Axis Travel

Rapid Traverse X Axis
472” IPM

AC Servo Motor
5.3 HP


Z Axis Travel

Rapid Traverse Z Axis
630” IPM

AC Servo Motor
9.3 HP


Quill Diameter

Quill Travel

Quill Taper
MT # 5


Floor Space (L x W x H)
210” x 75.5” x 84”

Gross Weight
17,500 Lbs


Power Requirements
220 Volts/ 3 Phase 60 Hz, 115 Full Load Amps, 125 Amp Wall Breaker, 55KVA


The FEMCO HL-55/1250 is designed to meet the demands of heavy cutting and interrupted cuts and give long term accuracies with excellent surface finishes. Stringent manufacturing processes and a rigid design is combined with advanced state of the art technology to give a cost effective solution to your turning needs.


  • High Speed 2500 RPM Spindle
  • Large Bar Capacity
  • Powerful Fanuc 30/35 HP. Motor
  • Big Bore 15” Chuck Standard
  • Extra Wide 12 Station Bi-Directional Turret
  • Large 28.62” Swing Over Bed
  • Fast 630/787 IPM Rapid Traverse
  • Solid Wrap Around Box Ways
  • Programmable Tail Stock Body and Quill
  • 45 Degree Slant Bed


The Bed is designed to have a 45 degree slant important to give a minimum tool tip over hang and maximum rigidity. The bed is a solid one piece casting both the saddle and tailstock ways are in the same plain thus eliminating thermal distortion. Heavily ribbed in strategic locations determined by computer finite analysis assures consistent accuracy’s and excellent finishes.

Guideways are wide wrap around box designed for long term accuracy and rigidity. The ways are widely spaced for grater rigidity and stability. All ways are induction hardened and are ground true to the axis planes. The mating surfaces are lined with turcite providing excellent wear and slip stick characteristics due to its low coefficient of friction. Turcite reacts with the structure giving good vibration damping and high static and dynamic stiffness.

The Headstock is a precision machined close grain meehanite casting assuring precise alignment of the critical spindle bores. Mounted on the same plain as the tailstock to ensure perfect alignment and center height with out being effected by the bed temperature. The spindle is supported by two double row cylindrical roller bearings and duplex angular contact thrust bearings. All spindle bearings are precision  class P4 (AFBMAB7) and are permanently grease lubricated.

FEMCO rates clamping force at 1899 radial foot pounds of force from the turret center line to the tool tip. This is the actual force applied during cutting. A large Curvic coupling provides the rigidity for long tool life and high surface finishes. Turret indexing is non-stop bi-directional, with a .9 second index time. Turret repeatability is .001 of a degree. The extra wide 12 station turret with a 4 inch width for longer boring bar support. The large turret is interference free for a 15” chuck and is flexible for left or right handed ID or OD tool layouts.

Both the X and Z Axes are driven by double nut High Precision Ground Ball Screws. Both the ball screws are supported on both ends by angular contact thrust bearings. This double support design assures excellent positioning accuracy and repeatability and minimizes thermal growth. Both axis are driven by Fanuc AC digital drives and motors providing a MTBF (mean time between failure) of five years.

The Heavy Duty Tailstock is fully programmable both the body and quill. Tracking on ground ways that are cast in the machine bed to insure positive alignment to the spindle center line. The quill travel is a  generous 3.94” and the taper is Morse #5.

Delivered through a high volume centrifugal pump to the turret. The system is designed to provide Coolant on the Tool or through the Tool.



  • Simultaneously Controllable Axis-Two
  • Tape Storage Length 640 meters
  • Registerable Programs 63
  • Minimum Programmable Increment 0.0001
  • Backlash Compensation
  • Self Diagnostic Functions


  • G00 Positioning Rapid
  • G01 Linear Interpolation
  • G02-G03 Circular Interpolation
  • G40, G41, G42 Tool Nose Radius Compensation
  • G70 to G76 Multiple Repetitive Cycles
  • G90, G92, G94 Canned Cycles
  • G27 to G30 Reference Point Return
  • G17, G18, G19 Plane Selection
  • G20, G21 Inch/Metric Conversion
  • G32 Thread Cutting
  • G50 Coor .Sys. Setting Max. Spindle Speed
  • G04 Dwell
  • G96, G97 Constant Surface Speed
  • G98 Feed Per Minute
  • G99 Feed Per Revolution


  • 9” Monochrome CRT
  • Background Editing
  • 63 Stored Part Programs
  • Manual Pulse Generator
  • Tool Geometry & Wear Compensation (Offset)
  • Tool Nose Radius Compensation
  • Automatic Tool Offset
  • 32 pairs of Tool Offsets
  • Run Hour/ No. of Parts Display
  • Clock Function
  • Single Block
  • Block Delete
  • Dry Run
  • Optional Stop
  • Edit Lock


  • Fully Enclosed Work Area
  • Door Interlock
  • Hydraulic Pressure Safety Switch
  • Spindle Interlock
  • Program Protect
  • Chucking Signal


  • Fanuc OiTD Controller
  • 15” 3 Jaw Hydraulic Chuck with Hard Jaws
  • Hydraulic Actuator
  • Hydraulic System
  • Fully Programmable Tailstock Body & Quill
  • 12 Station Turret
  • Coolant System
  • Automatic Lubrication System
  • Work Light
  • Tool Box with necessary Operating Tools
  • Leveling Bolts and Plates
  • Operation and Maintenance Manuals
  • Parts List and Electronic Drawings
  • One Year Machine Warranty
  • Two Year Control Warranty


Complete set of Tool Holders for Turret including:

  • 4 pcs 2” Boring Bar Holder
  • 2 pcs 1” Boring Bar Sleeve
  • 2 pcs 3/4” Boring Bar Sleeve
  • 1 pc 5/8” Boring Bar Sleeve
  • 1 pc 1/2” Boring Bar Sleeve
  • 1 pc Live Center MT #5
  • 1 pc Face Cutting Tool Holder
  • 1 pc 1-1/4” Boring Bar Sleeve
  • 1 pc MT #3 Drill Sleeve


One Year Parts New Machine Warranty. If any part of the machine fails under normal operation and proves to be defective in material or workmanship, FEMCO will replace it free of charge for a period of  Twelve (12) months from date of installation. All Fanuc components carry a full two (2) Year Warranty.

Payment Terms: are 20% down with order, 70% at delivery and balance due on installation 30 days after delivery which ever comes first.

Delivery: From Stock or quoted delivery time.

Prices are Valid for Thirty (30) days from date of quote. Specifications are subject to change without notice.